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Our contact lenses are made from materials at the cutting edge of modern optical technology. Major improvements in lens technology and materials mean that they have never been easier or more comfortable to wear.

The popularity of contact lenses is steadily rising due to the fact that they provide an easy way to correct your vision without altering your facial appearance. Most people find contact lenses perfect for general everyday use and even for reading. They can also be used in sport under protective sports eyewear which prevents impact damage.

Modern lenses also have an increasing role to play in tackling the problems of learning difficulties in young people.

Your eyes will be carefully and regularly assessed to ensure their health and the best possible performance from your lenses.

Contact lens care is provided through a monthly payment scheme, which helps to keep costs low and easily manageable.

If you haven't tried contact lenses for a while, you will probably be suprised how much they have improved.

Please note: when attending for a contact lens examination, please wear your lenses for a reasonable time beforehand, and ensure you bring your lens case and spectacles with you.

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