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A happy family is at the heart of a stable society. Parents glow if their children do well at school and their children thrive on a stable relationship between their parents. A relationship, which can be under a lot of pressure in these austere times

When anyone in the family has their eyes tested the outcome will be intimately affected by the well being of every other family member.

We are so aware through our work with children and dyslexia and the importance of vision in sport that a cohesive family relationship is a delicate and precious thing.

It is becoming more and more apparent that visual problems in any individual can have a profound effect in the short and long term not just in dealing with day-to-day problems but also on general and psychological health

It is very important to Optical3 that we do everything we can to support the family network. It is a delight to us when all family members are part of the practice. Not just because it helps us to understand the inter-family relationships, but because the family is saying to us we trust you to look after our eyes.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses can be liberating and life transforming and certainly a primary consideration before taking the drastic and permanent step of refractive surgery or laser treatment.

Contact lenses cannot be considered in isolation from spectacles. Sometimes vision needs to be enhanced by wearing specs over the top of contact lenses to correct eye co-ordination or for reading. It is also important to keep ordinary spectacle up to date so that good ocular health can be confirmed. Spectacles are essential if contact lenses are lost or damaged or if an eye infection occurs.

The contact lens trial will usually need an enhanced assessment, which looks at every aspect of wear including current prescription, binocular balance, reading difficulties, history of ocular and systemic health. We also look at any underlying condition, which might affect visual comfort like dry eyes and diet.

Contact lens wear is managed through Eyeplan to make sure that your eyes are not neglected and any underlying contact lens related problems do not escalate in to sight threatening conditions.

All types of lenses are considered and tailored to the need of the individual including the latest third generations silicone hydrogel lenses, daily and month replacement and extended wear. We also fit rigid gas permeable lenses, which very often give the most stable and highest level of optical clarity, these are also available in most of the gas permeable materials. Varifocal contact lenses are now available to enhance daily wear.

Eye plan

We are committed to the long-term health of our patients and the prevention of ocular systemic and psychological morbidity. In general this is best supported by regular eye examinations and keeping spectacle and contact lenses up to date to maximise visual performance.

Eyeplan is designed to make this cost manageable with unlimited visits allowed at no extra cost, a breakage replacement guarantee and 30% discount on anything you buy within the practice. Eye plan is essential with contact lenses but if you have a commitment to the long term health of your eyes and all the health benefits that ensue we hope that it will give you great peace of mind.