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damelza"My New Eyes"

by Demelza Whitbread B.Optom - (Aged 32)

Up to 60% of children are predisposed to dyslexia*

At school I had considerable literacy and spelling difficulties, and a slow writing speed, with poor handwriting. I was statemented as dyslexic in Primary School (1990).

There is a strong history of dyslexia and myopia in my family. I also suffered from poor short term visual and auditory memory,

When I was 11, I had the reading age of a 7 year old, and at 16 ½, my reading and spelling age were both about 11. Throughout my school years, I really struggled, as my spelling, grammar and writing were so poor. I found it hard to read my notes, often got words in the wrong order when reading, I couldn't always tell right from left, and I had mild rivers in the text.  

I decided to take the Schoolvision Diploma course in late 2011 which is where I first began to realise the potential of what was being taught. I was very interested to see what a difference it could make to me at this late stage, so had a Schoolvision Assessment myself with Geraint Griffiths.   

The results were astonishing. It took me about 8 weeks to get used to my new glasses, however, once I'd gone through the period of adaptation, I found:

  • Near vision felt good – happy to wear reading glasses for all reading.
  • No eye strain any more
  • Could adapt more easily to both with or without glasses
  • Happy with glasses at work, particularly after a bad night's sleep.
  • I couldn't believe the change in the depth of focus that I had
  • I could read later into the evening than before, and found it easier to do course work.

It still makes me feel a bit sick that a simple pair of glasses may have made so much of a difference to my education!

*2006, The Moreton Study, Published The Association of Sport and Schoolvision Practitioners (ASvP), download available