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Change your childs future...

What is a Schoolvision assessment?

Schoolvision is an enhanced eye examination.
In addition to a full eye test, it assesses:

How does it help?

Following the Schoolvision assessment, where spectacles
or contact lenses are prescribed, and sometimes eye

...the benefits for your child are:

Cost of Schoolvision Assessment?


£240.00 (including a full report)

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Schoolvision Testimonials

The following testimonials are from patients following a Schoolvision Assessment and on-going visits to Optical3:

Alex Smallwood:
My son's confidence has improved with his schoolwork and doing his homework with him is now a pleasure

Olivia Hodson:
I struggled with reading things, it took me a while and I didn't understand what I was reading... the improvement in my reading, understanding and the speed I now do my work is amazing!

Christian Christiansen:
At Optical3 everybody is incredibly friendly and makes it go as smoothly as possible... I read a lot quicker than normal now, which has been a life-saver when it comes to cramming in revision before an exam!

Rachel Robinson:
I have been going to Optical3 for the past 3 years with both of my sons and Geraint has helped them with Dyslexia problems. I have and would recommend him again.